Furniture Chairs and Tables - history of the chairs

History of the Chairs


Le CorbusierThe chair comes from a long, narrow wooden board that rests on two vertical axes, the bench. Although today they are less massive than in the past, the bench is still built with quality materials. The bench was originally spread throughout Europe and Asia, long before the chair then. Its peculiarity was to accommodate more people, but that forces people to sit upright and uncomfortable. The chairs instead are designed to accommodate only one person and was used at the beginning only for the priests and princes: they were, in fact, an aristocratic prerogative to differentiate themselves from the crowd and sat apart, as if on a throne. One of the first seats for a single person is the faldistorio and you can find it in use already in 1100 .

From there began the development of the chairs that have become today one of the most beloved furniture by designers. No project has attracted that much attention of designers, architects and artists such as the chair that is strongly linked to the shape of the human body made of arm, legs, feet and back. Just think of the great architects of the movement  Bauhaus, Le Corbusier with the Chaise Longue or Marcel Breuer with the chair Wassily or at the famous bar chairs by Thonet . In fact, the Thonet chairs are always the most famous bar chairs even after more than 150 years.