Furniture Chairs and Tables - HOMI Milan

HOMI Milan

HOMI is the exhibition dedicated to the lifestyle staged in Milan. Web Furniture We were there to monitor trends and to inspire us. We have seen many innovations in the sector , from fragrances to gift idea , from baby items to those for the garden, from fashion accessories and those for the DIY. It was a bit  like diving into a magical world in which to savor every single item .

Below we offer some of the photos we took during our visit.

The decor is becoming more and more eco-friendly and it is a prime example in this sofa cardboard , eco -friendly, but also very stylish!



A preview of the trends for what concerns the Christmas decorations here is the Christmas balls that turn even lamps. We think they are brilliant for children's rooms so that they can have a light all night.

A tire of the car or a swing ? Still on the theme of recycling , here is a nice solution to entertain the little ones (but also more grown up).


Shabby chic! We love this style because it adapts well to many different homes and spaces and it is also wevy modern!