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Upholstery Chair MP49S

Product code: MP49S
Category: Upholstery Chairs

234,24 VAT included

Upholstered chair


Contemporary Armchairs MP49EM

Product code: MP49EM

530,07 VAT included

Upholstery armchairs


Stackable Armchairs MP49EFP

Product code: MP49EFP

325,74 VAT included

Upholstery stackable armchairs


Contemporary Chair MP47K

Product code: MP47K
Category: Modern Chairs

152,50 VAT included

Contemporary chair


Upholstered Chair with arms MP472HP

Product code: MP472HP

319,64 VAT included

Upholstered armchair


Upholstered Stool MP472HI

Product code: MP472HI
Category: Wooden barstools

226,92 VAT included

Upholstered stool


Modern Upholstered Chair MP472H

Product code: MP472H
Category: Modern Chairs

213,50 VAT included

Upholstered chair


Upholstered Chair with arms MP472GP

Product code: MP472GP

265,96 VAT included

Upholstered armchair


Modern Upholstered Chair MP472G

Product code: MP472G
Category: Modern Chairs

208,62 VAT included

Upholstered armchair


Upholstered Stool MP472FI

Product code: MP472FI
Category: Wooden barstools

228,14 VAT included

Upholstered stool


Upholstered Chair with arms MP472FP

Product code: MP472FP

326,96 VAT included

Upholstered armchair


Upholstered Chair MP472F

Product code: MP472F
Category: Upholstery Chairs

264,74 VAT included

Upholstered chair


Small Design Table

Product code: Attesa
Category: Metal Tables

257,90 VAT included


Round small design table 


Extensible Table - Tables for Sale

Product code: Cesare-q
Category: Metal Tables

289,90 VAT included


Table 90x90 (+90) cm extensible with tubular steel and tempered glass.


Rustic Chair art.R07 - Furniture Bar and Pubs

Product code: R07
Category: Rustic Chairs

21,52 VAT included

Online shopping for rustic chair. 


Stabilized plant panels

Product code: Patchwork PTH

186,51 VAT included

Stabilized decorative plant panels online