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Bonus for Furniture

You have decided to change the decor of your home? Good news on the horizon for you! The famous furniture bonus for those who decide to renovate their house or have to furnish it for the first time has been extended to December 2014, then go ahead to purchase new furniture! 

bonus for furniture

In fact, among the various facilities provided, one that arouses our interest concerns the purchase of real estate for the furnishing of the renovated rooms. 

The Bonus Furniture is a measure of tax incentive that allows you to deduct from the tax return documented expenses related to the purchase of furniture to be allocated to properties that have been restructured or will be in the future. The deduction that can be used for the purchase of furniture and fixtures has been fixed at 50% and the maximum cost is 10,000 Euros. 

In particular, the deduction covers the costs for the purchase of new furnishings or appliances as a result of building renovations; in other words if you do a kitchen renovation, there may be deducted the expenses for the purchase of a closet. These charges must necessarily be incurred between 6 June and 31 December 2014 For more precise details, click here to access the section of the website of the Inland Revenue concerning this measure. 

The incentive covers: kitchen furniture, mattresses, furniture for home furniture, chairs, armchairs and sofas as well as large appliances also built all greater than or equal to the energy class A +. 

Getting the incentives is simple: support all purchases by December 31, 2014 and maintain all documentation relating to, consisting of the invoice and the receipt of the bank transfer payment, which must contain the specific causal, the tax code of the payer and the recipient's payment or its VAT registration. So we recommend: if you make purchases, kept in a safe place all related documentation to avoid any nasty surprises in the statement of income. 

Given the simplicity and goodness of this initiative, we wanted to tell you about it so that you can take advantage of it as soon as possible!