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Creative Recycling: some ideas for you

In these times people are very attentive to the costs and always give an extra eye to the portfolio. Trying to save a little ' , perhaps creatively recycling what you already have in your home , it can be a viable solution .

Web Furniture We are sensitive to the issues of environmental protection and recycling conscious , so we want to give you some tips useful. Below you'll find some imaginative proposals unearthed on the Web that can also achieve alone, perhaps by letting you help your children so that you can have fun together.

Let's start with a subject that we all have in the house: the umbrella. When it breaks , it can be difficult to repair, and the final destination is often the trash. But there are so many nice ideas to remedy the trash ; for example, the handles can become of the original hangers! Just get a tablet and attach the handles with screws for the furnishing style.

creative recycling

Another idea is to pull the fabric it is made of waterproof umbrella and use it to sew a shopping bag practical and functional for when we go to the grocery store . Always with the cloth, you can make a delicious waterproof cover for your dog during walks in the rain.

creative recycling

Another solution for the creative recycling involves the use of wooden pallets . With these objects , you can create wooden tables , planters, small sofas and armchairs. Here's how you use them in your home:

Here is a sofa realized with pillows and simple wooden pallets.

riciclo creativo

Painted green pallet become very beautiful design tables that will give a touch of color to the home.

creative recycling

The pallet also becomes a beautiful and original planter to create a small vegetable garden or on the terrace.

creative recycling